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Are you heading into uncharted territory?

Developing a clear corporate development strategy can be a formidable challenge for even the strongest management teams. Corporate development can often devolve into endless meetings and homework assignments for managers whose time is better spent on the front lines. We will help you identify those key elements which require significant strategic attention, and help you develop the tools for addressing and understanding them – freeing your team to grow your business.

We serve as a trusted advisor as part of your ongoing efforts to enhance shareholder value. We provide an array of corporate development services, including:

  • Strategic Review and Market Positioning. Understanding and presenting your market positioning are core elements of any successful business. We can help you develop a strategic business plan and presentation tools that clearly enunciate your strengths and highlight your opportunities.

  • Business Development. Identifying, approaching and negotiating deals with key customers and partners can be critical to a company’s growth. With our broad network of relationships and proven track record in the industries we cover, we can assist you in building your business by connecting you with the right players.

  • Financial Market Review. Understanding the M&A and capital markets is an important, and often overlooked, element of corporate planning. We can help you maintain a clear sense of how the mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and financing deals in your industry are impacting your business.

  • Financial and Valuation Modeling. Understanding and presenting the underlying economics of your business is critical to both the optimization of your ongoing operations, as well as your preparation for future financing and liquidity. We can help you develop the models and tools for helping you understand the value of your company and drive the most value from your business.

  • Exit Strategy Preparation. Many businesses have reached a point where they need to begin to prepare for a significant liquidity or exit event. We can help develop your action plan and assist in its implementation.

  • IPO Advisory. IPOs are inherently complex undertakings. As a result of our extensive IPO experience, we can help decrease management time and distraction, control transaction costs, maximize valuation and offering proceeds, and reduce liability exposure. We can help our clients at each stage of the IPO process – from selecting the right market and underwriters to advising on pricing.

Don’t do it alone.

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